Fetiche & Pervers

‘Every good servant does not all commands.’

Piquant and playful. Unruly and uninhibited. I’m your cheeky yet eager submissive, and you, my authoritarian, raw and uncouth. Please note that I am not a domme. I prefer to top from the bottom.

Meetings of kink begin at 90min.

My proclivity for kink suits the following tastes:

bondage & restraint

tease & denial

moderate impact play

sensory deprivation

moderate discipline

breath play

forced fantasy



plastic wrap mummification


verbal degradation

rough play


latex fetish

shoe fetish

My limits:

water sports

blood sports

scat play

medical play


daddy-daughter role play

long-lasting marks and welts

heavy/prolonged impact play

puppy/pony play (but tails are fine!)