‘Men, like bullets, go farthest when they are smoothest.’

Are your photos authentic?

Absolutely. My gallery is kept fresh and up-to-date, and each of my photos are an explicit representation of the person you are to meet. Please do not inquire about whether I am able to send additional photos. I can assure you that I’m more stunning than my photos seemingly convey.

When are you available to meet?

I am available by appointment only. I am more than happy to accommodate appointments made on short notice when the situation permits. Please be courteous of the fact that I am a companion by choice, and not necessity. There is never a time where I lie in wait, prepped and primped, anxiously awaiting a summons for my immediate arrival. I have a reasonably active schedule amid a fairly conventional life, so please be sensible.

Do you have an accessible incall location?

Should the need for an alternative location arise, supplementary preparations can easily be made by me for any engagement that’s at least 90 min in length. A subtle fee of $200 should be affixed to my regular rate to help cover the cost of the additional accommodations.

Do you accept phone calls?

I do not. However, I am easily accessible by means of email, and my messages are checked frequently.

Do you allow photographs or video recording to be taken during our venture?

Nope. Nope. Nope. That is all.

Are you available to travel?

I love to travel, and have my passport in hand! What could be better than a spontaneous adventure with an unruly rabbit? 😉

Travel arrangements are handled by the lady, and paid by the gentleman.

Do you have recommendations ?

Yes! I am highly recommended, and I’ve made each and every unabashed, exceptional review available for your consideration. During my time with TER, I had obtained over 35 phenomenal reviews, and was listed as one of The Erotic Review’s TOP 100 Providers. My esteemed reviews earned me the spot as the nations 47th highest-ranking provider, and more specifically, placed me as the 5th leading companion in Las Vegas, NV.

I am happy to share the intimate details of my rendezvous with you, however, please understand that each individual engagement had ben established exclusively between both me, and another individual. Reviews should not be used as a manuscript for future affairs. Specific inquires should always be regardfully discussed prior to our own exciting engagement.

What defines a ‘Fetiche’ meeting?

For those of you with a proclivity for the unconventional, you may be inclined to book a meeting of which has a bit more of an unorthodox structure. An unruly submissive will be my presentation. Unchaste authoritarian should be yours. You can view the specifics, along with my likes and limits, on the Fetiche & Pervers page.