10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
Witty cool sexy
Between 2 ferns..fucking

general details

Decided I wanted to see a TER top 10 in Vegas on my recent trip to Vegas. Bobbi intrigued me over all the others so I sent an email a little over a month in advance to get something set up and had also interacted with her on twitter. Sent a few txt messages back and forth the day of the appt to confirm and to get a few last minute particulars figured out. After that in just a few short hours and a long walk down the hall to my suite she was at my door. Non VIPs I highly recommend.

The Juicy Details

Bobbi and I had a little rapport from Twitter so the day of she asked if I had any dress up requests and I just had to see that "yellow hot as faauuuck" bikini in person. Garters as well? Please and Thank you. She was a little late with her arrival but nothing to serious and she kept me in the loop with her arrival time. Anyway this sexy lil thing walked into my life that night and we made some memories.
We talked a bunch and like everyone says she is a riot. Covered a ton of topics, while we had or drinks and after a bit it was sexy time. Make out session on the couch for quite a while before heading to the bedroom. I was already rock hard while we continued our makeout session and dry humping. Eventually the clothes had to come off and I worshiped those beautiful breasts. Un-snaped the garters and stripped off my clothes as well including "our inside joke" She just busted out laughing which was my entire goal..well not my entire goal. She rolled me over to molest me with her mouth and tried like hell to deep throat me, complimenting me on my size. Stroking licking sucking I was pretty worked up after staying with dudes the previous couple days and came hard. She got up to spit, came back shortly afterwards and started again with a BBBJ to keep me going. The cover went on after a while and we went at it hard in miss for quite a while. Looking up at me with those sexy smokey eyes I was really turned on again. Pulled her legs up and continued in miss. Then I flipped her over for doggie so I could look at her ass. She bounced back at me for a while while I played with her cheeks and rubbed my thumb across her starfish. I then reached around for her kitty and tits and gave her all I could before finishing. We both laid there for a while and I think we both even dozed off. Eventually this little sexpot had to go and we said our goodbyes.
It may be another 365 before I see her again but that's exactly what I'm going to do.