9 - Model material
10 - One in a lifetime
all in for whatever

general details

saw bobbie's listing on ter, great reviews and just had to give her a try. started with text and made an appoint. for the next day. she text the address and gate code the night before. the next day i pulled up and knocked on the door. bobbie answered with the outfit on i had requested and looked fantastic. non vip's run don't walk to see this girl. she performed exactly like other reviewers have said.

The Juicy Details

upon entering her home she offered water and gave me a tour of her place. the tour ended in the bedroom where we discussed her limits ( almost none) and a safe word. i tied her up spread eagle on the bed with her head hanging off the end (great view and access to that lovely face and pie hole) i started her with daty and every once in a while i would slip my cock all the way down her throat, slowly at first, then a little harder, after about 20 min. of this i untied her and let her rest a bit. back to the ropes i tied her hands to her ankles, yes great access to all three holes now. i inserted a small but plug in her ass and started to daty again. turned her over, covered up and started to bang that sweet pussy. a very tight pussy it is. i never did hit that ass, i was to tired out to even try. i untied her and layed back on the bed and she started bbbj and hj until i blew a huge nut all over her and myself. she got up and got a hot towel to clean us both up and we sat and talked about general stuff for the next hour or longer. bobbie is a great girl that i don't know if i would see again for the bondage part as this was something i had never done before but just had to try. as for her gfe skills i would see her again and again.