10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
Want to please
Hot, Hot, Hot

general details

I found Bobbi via a TER review and made contact a few weeks prior to my Las Vegas trip. She replied promptly and we set things up. I was apprehensive leading up to the date because after reading some of her reviews I was concerned that I may not be able to meet her expectations and desires. She cleared things up and reassured me that we would be fine.
On the day of the date we texted to confirm and when she arrived she was able to come right up without security.

I had a bottle of wine and we sat down and chatted while I opened it. Let me say now that Bobbi is a very beautiful woman. Very. I had asked her to bring a corkscrew because I forgot one and when she handed it to me I leaned into her and we kissed. Bobbi has wonderful lips and I was very pleased. VIP's read on: Non-VIP's, if you come to Las Vegas and don't try to visit Bobbi Bunny you should consider quitting the hobby. She is outstanding!

The Juicy Details

We sat on the bed and chatted about all sorts of things while we drank the wine. Our glasses were both about empty and I got up to get the bottle. Before I did I reached for her and we kissed again. This time more deeply, and longer. Bobbi's kisses are wonderful and exploratory. Soft, hard, all angles; she seems to want to find out everything she can about your mouth with her mouth. It was delicious, and it made it difficult to walk away, even for a moment.

I returned and asked her what she would like to do for the afternoon. She said whatever I wanted, but brought up the idea of looking at some of her toys that she brought along. Very interesting. She described some of the different toys and their specific characteristics. All this time I was stroking her leg, her arm; listening, but getting hornier by the moment. I reached for her, pulled her in close and proceeded to kiss for a long time. She didn't seem to want to quit. I know I didn't, but I wanted more. I pulled her top down and began to suck on the beautiful breasts. And these are some big, beautiful breasts with small, pointy nipples that like to be licked, pinched and lightly bitten. I licked, sucked, and bit and she enjoyed it. My hands were all over her and I wanted to get more.

Somehow she flipped over and was on her belly. I leaned in and kissed her perfect ass, then went for some dato. Bobbi would moan with delight as I pleased her. I then flipped her onto her back and went for some daty. She has a wonderful, clean and tasty pussy. I did all I could to please her again and she yelled "FUCK" over and over. Makes a guy feel good to know he is giving his lover pleasure. We moved around until she was sitting on my face and I was enjoying the activity as much as she was.

Finally, I asked her to suck me. This she did with enthusiasm. Played with my boys, sucked them, teased me and brought me to the edge. I asked her to go into a 69 and she was once again in my face. Beautiful!

All the time I had fiv and fia. She was very accommodating and appeared to love it. We played with toys, she rimmed me at my request and although I wasn't sure if it was in my nature I started slapping her ass. This brought out cries of pleasure and I continued, with an occasional slap of her boobs. Things were extremely intense and I asked for a cover.

Bobbi went a found a cover and climbed onto me cg. We went at it until she asked me to get behind her. We stayed in this position until I popped.

If you've gathered from reading this that I am high on Bobbi you are right. Bobbi is beautiful, smart, shy at times, funny, sexy, dirty, loving; in short, a wonderful person. She can say unrelated random things that come into her head and, for me, it just added to her charm. I can't wait to see her again. If she will let me I'll see her over and over.

Bobbi, thank you for making my Las Vegas trip memorable.