9 - Model material
9 - Forgot it was a service

general details

Bobbi is sweet, funny, sexy, eager to please. Doesn't take herself too seriously.
She accommodated my schedule, despite my changing the time.
Once she got to my room, I offered her a drink, she had a glass of wine. She spied the money on the table, never counted it, even after we were done.
Had a great time. Would definitely see again.

The Juicy Details

Came in, gave me a kiss on the lips and a hug.
Chatted with her for a few minutes, then started to take off her clothes. Big, firm tits. Cute ass, pretty face. Sweeter than the photos.
I pulled off my pants and asked her to suck my dick. She gave it a few licks and I stopped her. Then we went into the bedroom.
After a quick discussion, we decided I would fuck her in the ass first.
She put on the condom and went right at it. After a few minutes, I pulled off the rubber, laid down and told her to finish me off with her mouth. She alternated sucking me, licking my balls, and then went to work on my ass. Great rim job, sticking her tongue in my ass again and again.
After I came in her mouth, she spit it in the sink and came back.
After chatting for 10 minutes, I got hard again. She went back to work on my ass and balls and dick. After a while, I decided to fuck her and then fucked her missionary style.
I had a blast.