9 - Model material
10 - One in a lifetime
Chatty and friendly

general details

My wife and I had the lucky experience of picking this lady as our first provider ever for either of us. Before she showed up, we spoke on the phone for awhile. She wanted to make sure that my wife and I knew what we were getting into (and we've had encounters with other girls, just not providers, so it was fine). She met us at our hotel in a sexy dress and after a glass of wine made her way up to our room. We chatted for a bit and then got down to business. And. oh. my. god. There's no way the average provider performs at her level.

The Juicy Details

My wife and I have been with a few girls in our time, but this is without a doubt one of the most memorable sexual experiences we've ever had. We paid the cost listed on her site for one hour plus the couple surcharge (note that unlike some girls we looked at, she does not double her price). When we were running low on time, she told us not to worry about it and she let the encounter play out until the end.

And oh, the things we did. First, and foremost, she clicked with us properly. She had no problem breaking from the action occasionally to crack a joke or tease one of us a little, which is how we roll. She also complimented us throughout the entire encounter.

What did we do? I'd imagine any list I come up with will miss half of what we did and not sufficiently express how good she was at it, but here goes: Oral every imaginable way, side by side doggy style alternating, 69ed the wife, pussy to mouth, titty fucking, ball licking, sucked my dick with the wife (every time we changed positions), shared my wife's vibrator, rubbed my wife to an orgasm with her fingers, ass stacked (google it urban dictionary). I fucked her in at least six or seven positions ranging from having her flat on her stomach and taking her from behind while pulling her hair to having her on her back eating my wife out while her ankles were around my neck to her on top rubbing my balls while she made out with the wife.

She did every single thing we asked her to do, and volunteered to do a couple of things we didn't. I popped so hard I'm surprised she can walk. One other note - she was very toned and tight.

e're having her back for at least two more nights while we're here.