9 - Model material
10 - One in a lifetime
Treat me as you like

general details

Wanted an intro to dabble in some domination mixed with a PSE experience. Saw Bobbi's site and p411 ad and realized she was perfect. She was easy to communicate with and screening was a breeze. She is a bit ditzy and messed up the time (despite her texting me the right time the night before). Despite that one snafu, the session was great. I met her at the valet, and this gorgeous woman was wearing a sexy, conservative, demure dress, yet showing off her body art. A juxtaposition, yes. But that is Bobbi. We went up to the room and got started. Set down the ground rules, and off we went. And she stayed overtime by over an hour, much of it talking. A very cool, sensitive girl who is worth every penny.

The Juicy Details

Once in the room I asked about ground rules. There basically were none, provided I promised not to bruise or damage her. No scat or medical play. Not a problem for me since none of that interests me. She brought a bunch of toys and ropes. Off with her dress, and I tied her spread eagle to the bed. I began to tease her with some ice and then some candle wax. Now once going, Bobbi is a whiney bitch. She complains vocally about everything, which (I think) she does to get a rise out of her dom. She clearly is a hard bottom. She yelled at me that I was burning her with the wax and that I was making a mess. So I slapped her. then I began to toy with her pussy with a nice glass dildo. She complained it was too big. Wanted to know why I was trying to destroy her vagina. I removed the ropes so as to remove her bra and panties, and then restrained her wrists behind her back with some shrink wrap. I then inserted a large plug into her ass, left it there and began some mish. The plug was a little big for DP (it seriously was), so I removed it (while she complained that I should be more gentle), and I began to pound her in lazy doggie/mish. Placed her legs behind her head and began to pound her. I pulled out, took the cover off and shoved my dick in her throat. She went at it like a dog in heat. At this point she said she could not feel her hands and lo and behold, her hands were getting a little discolored. I removed the shrink wrap so the blood flow returned to normal and began to fuck her mouth again. Grabbed her by the hair, and she sucked and sucked. It took a while but I then came. I think I ejaculated a larger volume than I ever had. Not a drop was spilled. She ran to the bathroom to spit it out. Returned with a towel asking "why the fuck did you cum so much?" I slapped her and spanked her. We cleaned up and began to talk. We went out of character and began to talk about our lives. I learned that Bobbi is a really cool girl, who is smart, very sensitive, and appears to be quite loving. We ended up talking for an additional hour and a half.