10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
I'm yours
Funner than a pie in the face

general details

First let me say I had to wait a little while before writing this review. I had to calm down first. You know, think it through and not react irrationally. Might've given some hyped up, over inflated scores or something. Btw, this is a NON bdsm review so if that's what you're looking for, move along.

The Juicy Details

In short 10/10? Fuck yeah! So I'm totally not into bdsm. Didn't even really know what that was. If you look at her ads, check her website, and read her reviews you get this good idea of who she is and what she's like. Or so I thought. Was really hesitant as I don't find slapping a girl around arousing at all. Forcing a girl to do anything is not a turn on for me. Im not judging anyone its just not me. So what the fuck was I thinking choosing her? I tell you what, she's just so frickin hot I just had to have her. Her pics really did it for me. Noticed she advertises gfe rates also so I took a chance and emailed her. She responded quickly and was really great at communication which is important to me because when I travel, I usually have a tight schedule and don't have time for flakes or girls that only get back to you when they feel like it. A few emails back and forth and she assured me, bdsm or not, we'll have a good time. When she finally arrived, I was really nervous. Never happens to me anymore but this one was different. from her pics she looks very dark, serious, and sensual. Opened the door to find a bright, cheerful, gorgeous woman in a cute tiny pink dress. Tits and ass popping out like i like. Talked for a while and she immediately had me feeling comfortable. Talked about a lot of stuff and I just found her to be even more awesome after getting to know her. Enough talking so down to business. There was a bunch of stuff that happened before the blow job but once it started, I forgot it all. Most incredible bbbj I've ever had in my entire life. From gentile licks and swirls to her head doing dive bombs on me going balls deep into her throat I can't imagine anything closer to perfection. Started rolling around into a 69(ish)position so I could taste her and it was good. Covered up and had her climb on for cg and oh crap, it's all over. Super hot chick with tits hanging in my face riding me? I'm gonna be done in 2 seconds. Yeah right, not today, switch to rcg so I could feel her scrumptious ass. Ran my thumb around her asshole in anticipation of upcoming events but not just yet. Having too much fun in her pussy. Flip for mish and again for dg. I'm in total lust with this woman. She's sexy, sensual, and I guess I can see where the sub attraction would be. She's very accommodating and seems like will do anything to make you happy. I couldn't wait any longer and wanted to be in her ass. Her little cries and moans were so hot as I slid in her tight ass. slowly at first and then it escalated into a fuck me Alex session (from cheech and Chong for those who are asking who the fuck is Alex). I've never had an opportunity to fuck a woman like her, in the ass, as hard as I did, as long as I did, in all of the positions that I did, ever. Wanted to finish in her mouth so off came the cover and back down her throat. Like earlier, it was a lying on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed, hardcore, throat gagging, duck clicking sounding, teary mascara running, face fucking bbbj with ropes of gag saliva flying around. After a while I stopped and asked If she was ok, she responded by grabbing my ass and shoving my cock down her throat again. What a woman. Had her get on her knees and I shot my load into her mouth. She took it all and pampered my cock for a few minutes to wind down. Didn't run off to the bathroom until she knew I was good. What a way to finish. We were already past time at this point but she stayed, cleaned me up, and talked with me a good while longer. I never wanted her to leave but she already stayed way past our time. So, not sure if you could tell but i relly like this girl. Awesome gfe. For me her personality and service make her a 10. She's beautiful inside and out (and I don't care if that sounds gay). No doubt. She fulfilled almost every fantasy I had. Almost. Repeat? Every time I'm in Vegas for sure. so still not sure about this bdsm stuff but as far as gfe? This girl is my ATF.