10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
Strives to gives you what you want
The ultimate GFE

general details

Bobbi is without a doubt one of if not the best providers in Las Vegas. Her attitude, appearance, and her sexuality all combine into one dynamic, sultry and exquisite package. Most of her reviews mention moderate to heavy BDSM services. For those that dont dabble in S&M, dont be deterred by this. Bobbi offers a truly authentic GFE experience - on any level. VIPs continue for more details. For Non-VIPs; First get VIP. You are not utilizing this site properly. Second, schedule something with Bobbi. You can thank me later.
Oh and please treat her with the respect she definitely deserves. She's someone not to be taken for granted.

The Juicy Details

I was initially hesitant to write this review. My encounter with Bobbi was so beyond my expectations that in the week or so since our meeting I was in that I-need-to-keep-her-for-myself afterglow. By that same token though, my experience was so outstanding that I need to put 'pen to paper' so to speak. Ive visited Vegas from the east coast 3-4 times a year for the last 4 years - all for fun- and this is the first time Ive felt compelled to write a review.
Again, Id like to set the perspective so everyone knows where my descriptions come from. Im not saying I have higher standards for physical appearances than your typical TER member, but I have higher standards than your typical TER member.
You can all see her pictures on her page and its no exaggeration to say she is significantly more attractive in person. I went so far as to tell her she needs to get better quality pictures to be more representative. Spotting her across the lobby I murmured to myself oh my goodness as I was walking to greet her. (She was 5 minutes early)
We sat for a drink in the lobby bar where I introduced her to my fiance. (I know, you may not have expected that. But its true.) The conversation flowed effortlessly as we immediately hit it off like 3 old friends.
After a glass of wine or two we moved up to the room where we continued just hanging out, mostly laughing and having fun, with my fiance and Bobbi flirting more and more until finally softly kissing on the couch.
I want to pause here to say all of this occurred with a genuinely organic feel. There was absolutely zero vibe of any kind of arrangement. We met in the bar, truly hit it off, and she suggested going upstairs. When it says 'forgot it was a service' nothing could be more accurate.
Bobbi led my girl from the couch to the bed and things started to escalate from there. I cant really detail a play by play of our evening since we went so far past our allotted time. And really, this space just isnt big enough to do her justice. My fiance and I had reached out to Bobbi in that we could never find a third to satisfy the both of us at the same time. We were looking for that elusive 33.33/33.33/33.33% participation ratio. Well, we got that and more. I cant really put into words the things we did and the fun we had together.
But this review wouldnt be a VIP review without SOME lurid details so here are some highlights:
I had asked before hand if she would fuck my girl with a strap-on dildo during our time. Not only did she agree to this, but she worked with me before hand to select which one she eventually purchased. Couples: do this. And youre welcome.
Bobbi is tight. Extraordinarily tight. It took a some effort to squeeze in there. And I just got the chills thinking about that squeeze.
Our time together went so far over the scheduled allotment that I could fill 3 reviews with all the specifics. Suffice it to say that if you have ever watched a well produced 3-some porno - well, that was us. Every position, seamless transitions from soft and flirty to intense and zealous, and back again. I eventually finished in her mouth, her head pressed up against the headboard, her arms pinned and extended above her head, and my girl's face between her legs.
In a nutshell, Bobbi is world class provider. She can be whoever you want her to be. You want a soft, sweet GFE? Tell her.
You want a sex kitten who'll take control? Tell her. You want to bring your girlfriend/wife? Tell her. You want to play with a sub S&M? Tell her. If you have the ability to visit with her, no matter your tastes, you will not be disappointed.