10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime

general details

I saw Bobbi's ad on TER and her very good reviews and began to follow her on twitter and was very intriqued. Her attitude is awesome, she is relaxing and funny. She also by the way is gorgeous with a hot body and likes sex. She was fantastic and wish I could have spent more time with her. I wish she toured but I will have to settle just seeing her in Vegas when I'm there.

The Juicy Details

I invited her into my room and she sat down and started to talk. I was very happy with her look, she is extremely sexy and had a revealing outfit on but not too revealing. After laughing about a whole host of subjects, she joined me on the bed and we started a makeout session. She can kiss, with soft luscious full lips and after considerable roaming the clothes had to come off! She started an outstanding BBBJ with much attention to the balls and was very soft and slow. An incredible tease! I probably could have gone the whole session with just that and I don't think she would have minded it. I flipped her around to get some 69 going so I could taste her but it wasn't too long until the cover had to go on so we could fuck. She mounted up and again went very slow and sensuous. It was awesome. We switched to every position this way until she took the cover off so I could blow the load in her mouth. My legs were shaking as she just kept going but then headed for bathroom to spit it out. I was spent from Vegas partying so I didn't get to participate in any anal except for my finger which seemed to like very much but next time I will not miss out. I'll see her whenever I can when I get to Vegas