10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
Very Nice

general details

I went browsing through some listings in Las Vegas a couple of days before heading out there. I came across this young woman’s pictures and decided to contact her. We made a confirmation….and I met her in the lobby of the hotel. I asked her to dress conservative as she seemed a bit on the wild side to me but her messages were quite playful so I wasn’t too stressed. So she shows up in flats, with a little skirt and a candy stripe sweater with her tummy showing. Looked like a naughty young woman and man is she hot. Her pictures do her some justice but she looks even better in person. Also, her personality is a riot. If you are at all shy you better get some liquor in ya or something cause she is a handful. So she gets a glass of wine and we head upstairs and start to chit chat. Her skirt was so sexy I just had to look up it, forcefully. Cracked her up cause I kinda snuck up on her. We continue to talk for a while which put me at ease fairly quickly. Then I figure someone has to get this thing started so I don’t remember what I did or said but somehow I was suddenly looking at a perfect body. Clean, smells good, great hair, the works. Top to bottom this woman is a MUST SEE. Non VIP, if you think she will scare you she won’t, she is very sweet, unless you want her to scare you then she can be quite……colorful. Worth the time and what ever else one may require to bump into her.

The Juicy Details

Like I said, Bunny has a great body and she has a wonderful smile. She comes across as very sweet. We start kissing a little bit then she starts in on a wonderful BBBJ. She has skills in this area and many others. She is slow and methodical with a lot of stimulation. She then starts to go quicker with a lot of DT, gagging and tears. Awesome. So now I’m starting to get nice and comfortable with her and we start talking smack to each other. She has a forked tongue and a quick wit. Indeed, I completely lost my excitement with one of her comments, lol. But she was quick to get back on track. But, I suddenly became intimidated by her so I told her so. I figured I’d better act quick or I would go south quick so I grabbed her by the throat and started slapping her face. She asked me what I wanted to do so I told her I wanted her to get on her knees and let me pinch her nose during a good face f***. She moved so fast you would think she actually is a frigin rabbit. So I’m standing in front of her naked, she is on her knees and she starts with more BBBJ. I pinch her nose and grab her throat over and over. She takes it like a trooper. This was just too much of a turn on for me so I started slapping her again. So I’m face f***ing this beautiful woman and slapping her at the same time. She started to anticipate the slapping so I changed it up a bit to surprise her. That worked, she started to scream out a little bit each time I hit her. She is gagging, tears running down her cheeks, makeup getting all over the place so naturally, I start slapping her more. Kiss her here and there then slap her, kiss, face f***, slap, etc. Goes on like this for a while and she asks if there is anything else I want to do. I tell her I want to learn some greek and what came out of her mouth just cracked me up but I was in it in no time. Seems to me she very much enjoys this position especially with hair pulling and ass slapping and choking. She can take a beating and pretty much wants to take a beating. Well she wants to take a beating, period. We go at it like that for a while and as were going I pop out. She yelped and turned around and looked at me like I was about to take a beating. So cute, thinks she’s tough, not. (That line is for her). So we go back and forth between all these different modalities of hot sex with a hot young smoking babe and I decide I need to finish on that beautiful face. So I tell her and boom she’s on her knees with her head back on the bed. Couple of minutes later I’m “painting” her face, hair, pillows, all over. She is just too hot. She is well worth the every minute I spent pursuing her. If you like HOT women she is the one for you. I have never said someone is an ATF but, against my better judgment, as she knows she is hot, I will have to classify her as my ATF. Take care of her, she will take care of you. She’s nice and naughty, sweet on the streets, freak in the sheets. Perfect woman.