10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
fun and more fun
sweet and super sexy

general details

gorgeous, killer body, awesome tata's and super cool....I could go on and I those tata's and tats - a killer combo if u ask me. Truly top tier talent in sin city that has serious talent. super hottie, killer service anyway saw that Bobbi was heading to my city and always have a thing for them vegas gals; hotties with racks that know how to please, i really love that vegas hospitality. Saw the reviews, send some emails, refs and such. She seemed super cool and sexy via email and phone (always a huge plus), very easy to communicate with and really willing to go out of her way pre appt to make sure she could accomondate my outfit request; a big shootout for bobbi for that. eagerly awaited the appt, got her address, and sure enough was knocking on the door...killer time with amazing hottie. vip's read on...

The Juicy Details

the door opens and a true eros goddess was standing before or eyes or in simple english - super hot gal you see in the casino or at the club in vegas and your mouth literally hits the floor. YES!!! so bobbi is wearing a thong beach bikini - tiny top with those 34d's busting out of and a tiny bottom, tat's on her arms; the girl is exuding sex appeal,and a face of a model. booaaa - i felt like i hit the jackpot. She asked "you like? in a sexy voice and i almost melted. I took a mental snapshot and gathered my composure. Wthin seconds of walking in she grabbed me and we began dfking. I was so turned on; - felt like a just sat in a ferrari and the engine starting purring...I started fondling those orbs and sucking on them, grabbing that ass and she rubbing my johnson from the outside of my pants. She then unzipped my pants and said she wanted a formal introduction and began stroking my johnson bent down and began giving a bbbj, stopped and said "Hi i'm bobbi." I loved it. After a few more heavy moments of bbbj, fondling and kissing we proceeded to the couch were we spent a few minutes chatting and such. Even though I just showered i asked to take a quick 1 minute shower and off we went....back to the couch, she throttled me and we began dfking and again sucking on those tata's...with a little lube began massaging her backside - she has an awesome ass - and it looked amazing in that thong bikini and then she went on to ther knees for a heavenly bbbj. The girl knows what she is doing - she remarked that she has a patent pending. It was great licking sucking stroking, and then looking up at me - loved that eye contact - all i could do was grab those tatas and moan with delight. I knew I would lose control sowe switched to russian so i could release my inner demon, boy did i ever. It was a great sight, those ta ta's rubbing up and down and every so often she would lean down for some bbbj... after we cleaned up, she gave me a light massage and then she started with a great hj, she was on her stomach and i used some lube to massage her backside. soon we began dfking and i asked for that patented bbbj, it was so good for round one I needed to repeat. again it was bliss. she worked the johnson, sucked and massaged the sack and sure enough i was about to release so we changed it up and i facefucked her (she really has no gag complex so was quite a sight and felt fantastic) and shot round 2 on that beautiful face. looked up and didnt even realize it but it was almost 10 minutes past my session was supposed to end, not a clock watcher...bobbi is a super gal and has a very wide menu; a true star.... I would repeat in a heartbeat...If she lived in my city i would be broke.