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9 - Forgot it was a service
do what needs to be done

general details

Bobbi is a true, authentic submissive. Doesn't claim to be anything else. She is honest, genuine, and wants to make your experience as great as possible. Very flexible and willing to help you wherever possible to help you get the most out of your visit. Doesn't watch the clock. Don't expect a lot of chit chat once you're together. Eliminate the awkwardness and get started. Very responsive to phone calls, texts, or emails. Ideal to talk with.

The Juicy Details

I wasn't kidding. Bobbi is a true sub who wants to be controlled. So control her. She will not just lie there and take it, however. At times, she will be the bratty sub. She may complain but she wants you to take control. Bobbi can give BJs like a champ. Deep BJs are fine, but she will not throw up for you. Don't even mention vomit BJs to her as it'll turn her off. She just gave me a deep BJ and we were fine. She mentioned it to me later on after we were fucking and said she thought it was really gross.

Bobbi is a very compliant sub. Be careful if you're exploring a dominant side for the first time. If you are exploring a dom side for the first time, be very, very clear with her about it. Otherwise she'll expect you to bring it and be rough and then she'll be very disappointed if you don't. She's the real deal. So don't insult her by saying you'll do x, y, z and then whimper out after you explode once. She will expect your best and expect it repeatedly.

There's so much I'm leaving on the table here, guys. She's THAT good. Treat her well, connect with her, and she'll repay in spades! Bring extra money. I rarely tip but she was well worth the extra dough. And she's very generous with her time. And did I say submissive?

If subs are your thing, you will LOVE Bobbi. She'll work around your schedule and give you the experience of a lifetime. Enjoy her, and don't wear her out before I can use her again! The oral is fabulous, patient, and deep. The sex is fantastic, and she loves an aggressive man to do what needs to be done. She's hopeful you'll do it again and again and will do whatever she can to please you!

Remember she gives great head. You can put her down on her knees and force her head on you, or you can put her on the bed and move her head down just beyond the bead and fuck her mouth. Or you can put her on the couch and do it. Same with the fucking. Bed, couch, upright, doggie, just about any position you can think of. She's compliant. And flexible.

And remember what I said: when you get in the room, she hates awkwardness. Handle business up front without a word, and then don't wait. Get to work!

Highest recommendation! Don't wait. Go see her while you can!