8 - Really Hot
10 - One in a lifetime
really into it
super nice

general details

This girl is amazing. Be nice to her and she will give you a date you will always remember. She is funny, intelligent and very sexual.
If you are looking for a GFE experience you wont find anything better. She will make you feel whatever you are looking for, and believe me she is so so good.
You can arrange with her by phone and she will text you until you met her. She is very nice to treat, and she will make it very easy for you.
If you are looking for a true woman, she is the real deal.

The Juicy Details

I was traveling to vegas last week so i make the arrangements with her by email a week before.
I only asked for a GFE experience, i'm not into PSE or s&m.
We kept contact from the moment i arrived in Vegas until we finally met.
She was super easy, funny, and convenient at all times.
Finally she met me at my suite, on time, looking really nice. We talked for a while, she will chat with you as long as you like, she is not rushing or anything. She is on a real date.
Then we got to the fun part, she has an amazing body, and she knows how to use it. She will kiss you, she will tease you, she will make you jump on the bed if you let her.
She gave me a blowjob i'll remember for the rest of my life. She says is the best blowjob in Vegas and i have to said i have tried a few in Vegas and around the world and i can't remember anything like it. You will find it hard not to come.
Then we fucked, she has no problem with changing positions as many times as you like. She will let you do as you please.
She really fucks you like hell, and is a true woman doing it. Then i asked her for anal sex and she had no problem at all.

I was with her three times last week. I know i'll be back for more.

I'll make you all a favor. If you are tired of the usual Las Vegas service. I mean if you are tired of the nice girl who blows you with a condom, gives you a standard service for the price of a premium, and makes you feel all the time that she is working. Go with this girl. She will give all you were looking for. A premium service. You won’t be able to say this girl is more of the same because she really is one of a kind.