10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
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Hotel room

general details

I found Bobbi at the last minute and luckily she was able to see me. We texted each other leading up to our time together and man is she cool. She is so quick and witty that I was comfortable with her from the start. We had a blast...

The Juicy Details

We met at the downstairs bar and grabbed a drink before we went up to the room. From step one we were talking like old friends and connected from the start. Once we got to the room we chatted a little about the hobby and life in general. In no time we were making out like kids and she had me out of my clothes in a minute. My hands roamed her perfect body and couldn't resist her fantastic boobs. She went down on me with a posrnstar like bbbj that was spectacular. If I wanted I could have exploded right there but I wanted to get inside of her and experience sex with this hot girl. We started out in miss and she was tight as could be. The bbbj had me ready but I wanted to at least get behind her and finish that way. Watching the 2 of us go at in the glass reflection was enough to put me over the edge and I finished. After we cleaned up we talked some more before she left. Overall she spent well over an hour and never once did I feel rushed. I can't say it enough but Bobbi is the coolest chick ever and the sex is over the top. I'd love to keep her to myself but that wouldn't be fair to her.