9 - Model material
10 - One in a lifetime
Sensual, Playful and Erotic

general details

Found Bobbi on one of the verification sites and linked over to TER to read her reviews. With reviews like she has, I felt that she was appropriate for an upcoming trip to Vegas. The verification site made the screening process very easy and I set up a date. We emailed and communicated via text for a week or so until I got to Vegas. We had scheduled a morning date. The morning of the date I awoke very hung over. I explained this to Bobbi and we discussed a few options but due to some miscommunication it didn't work for us to connect. She was incredibly cool about that whole situation and this is truly a reflection of how cool this girl really is. 2 months later I reach out to her again and she remembered me, kind of. We emailed and texted and the evening of our date arrived. I met her in the lobby to escort her upstairs. She is way more beautiful in person than her pictures reveal. I will definitely see Bobbi again, and again.....

The Juicy Details

There are many reviews about Bobbi and what other people have experienced with her. My experience was my own and I found a truly beautiful, down to earth, witty, humble, sexy, sensual, playful, intelligent, and erotic woman with an old soul and sexual openness. We talked quite a bit and the conversation flowed very naturally. We listened to music, drank champagne, and talked quite a bit. Bobbi is really a pleasure to be with and a very witty. She is an excellent kisser and there was a lot of DFK that was sensual and playful and at times intense. Bobbi can be quite feisty and this adds to the intensity of the sexual experience. I truly enjoyed DATY and DATO with FIV and FIA and she is very responsive and seemed to enjoy the oral play quite a bit. After several O's it was my turn. DT, lots of spit, eye contact, dirty talk, whimpering, whining, BLS, and incredible use of her hands. My first O was russian as she has incredible tits. While I recovered we had more champagne and I continued to DATY and DATO and after she had a few more O's she asked me to fuck her. OK! Covered up and enjoyed her Lazy Dog. She seemed to enjoy this as well as she thrusted back towards me, arched her back and I played with her perfect tits, kissed the back of her neck and eventually blew it in the cover. Took another break and had more champagne, conversation and then back to DATY and DATO and a few more O's for her. For my last cup I had to have another one of her insanely hot and erotic BJs. So she took great care of me and made sure I got what I wanted. CIM, she got up and cleaned up and came back and we laid in bed, caressed, kissed and I rubbed her to another O. My experience with Bobbi was a very erotic, GFE. I kissed and caressed every inch of her body, massaged her, held her, and had an incredible time with this gorgeous Bunny. She gave me herself like a true lover would give herself to her man and I can honestly say I had one of the most unique and blissful sexual experiences I have ever had. I enjoyed every second of it. She's truly one of a kind. I'm still new to the hobby but not new to women. I have never met anyone like Bobbi and I am grateful that I have crossed paths with her.