10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime

general details

This review is way way over due, I’ve seen Bobbi Bunny a few times by now and every time is an awesome experience; Dinners or debauchery, both exceptional. What to say ……. She is beautiful with out any makeup or getup, engaging with out any pretense. Honestly fun to be with. I’ll be seeing Bobbi as much as allowed or really am capable of. Thankfully she is in Vegas and I’m in NYC, otherwise that hole in my pocket would be a tear right through to the crotch…….

I’m not really one for planning but Bobbi and I set this up further in advance than I have ever set up any date before. No expectations and no requests. I was just looking forward to seeing her again and hanging out and having more than a little fun.

The Juicy Details

She was staying at a very nice hotel, I arrived soon after she got into town, Her morning travel out of Vegas was unavoidably delayed ….. I get to her suite as she was just unpacking, a quick hug and a lingering kiss and we just stood for a while. I opened a bottle of wine and we sat laughing and talking. We hung out drinking and laughing, occasionally kissing and feeling. I gave her a little foot rub to “alleviate the pain of traveling in ridiculously high heals”, but mostly just to touch her.

After raiding the mini bar, we debated dinner out or dinner in and dinner out won, a nice Asian grill place. A good meal, some great conversation about both our lives, later we make it back to the room, and started to finish that first bottle of wine.

I don’t think that I got far into that glass. Soon enough we were kissing again, cloths were shed, ideas debated, maybe a few insults thrown….. Fun was had. Particulars would be hard to recollect, time didn’t move, there were actions and reactions. Bobbi had brought her bag of toys and I had brought mine, both were used but neither was necessary.

For those who need the juicy details they were there, in spades, sitting on the couch we shared a long deep kiss, my hands on her, one around her back the other feeling her great breasts. She pulled herself toward me, sitting on my lap facing me, a leg to either side. Things started to move quickly then; her shirt came off, my pants were undone. I scooped her up and brought her to the bedroom. Putting her on the bed I stood getting undressed, she was on me in a moment. She was kneeling on the bed using her mouth on my me, letting my hands wander all over this exquisite form I was hard as a rock. She stopped, for a moment, and said “you’re gona tie me up right?” “Absolutely” was my reply “try to show some patience” and I spanked her on the ass, getting a nice ‘Ow!’ in response. Wanting to taste her I pulled her ass up and went down, happily staying for as long as I could.

Bobbi was moaning and moving, we were all over the suite at this point who knows who was on who. We were back on the couch I reached into my bag on the floor next to us and pulled out a condom. Kissing Bobbi I put the condom on myself, as one hand between her thighs and one between mine. Turning her around ……… was bliss. We continued for some time, my memory is a blur the action was only paused to partake and rejuvenate. I recall seeing the first hints of morning as Bobbi rolled into my arm and fell asleep.

It was an evening for me to savor for a long long time. Time flowed naturally her body amazing and reactive to my touch. We moved in rhythm to one another, whether bound or free. Awesome. Suffice it to say Bobbi is not for the faint of heart. She is beautiful in a way that no picture can convey, genuine in a way no words can detail.