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Charged with Electricity

general details

Was planning a trip to Vegas and wanted to experiment with a BDSM experience. Started my research early here on TER and other sites, but there were not a lot of Subs advertising in Hobbyland. Stumbled across Bobbi's first review and was intrigued, so contacted her by e-mail to see if we clicked. She responded quickly and we corresponded back and forth a bit as I explained my newbie status in domination and expressed my fantasies for a date. She was very accomodating and was quick to share her limits and likes, along with what toys she had available. During the course of our communications she received two more positive reviews and I was hooked. We scheduled a date a month in advance,and I went on-line to shop for additional toys for our adventure. Bobbi was great about communicating during the interim between the scheduling and our actual date to confirm and re-affirm.
A misunderstanding about her rates arose a couple of days before our date when she texted me to confirm, but it was not a real problem. I think she just raised her rates between the time of our initial contact and the date. She was more than gracious and appologetic about the misunderstanding, and we quickly worked out an agreement to forego dinner beforehand and just have drinks. Not a knock on her, I believe it truly was a misunderstanding and not any upsell, and as I said, she was very gracious about it. Just a heads up to be clear with her. The evening of our date, I prepared my room with all the toys I had purchased for her, then received her text that she was in the hotel parking lot. As a nice touch, she texted a picture of her dress so I would recognize her. When she walked into the lobby, all I could do was say WOW! Huge breasts just begging to pop out of her low cut dress. And the make-up bag she was carrying offered great promises of her own toys she had brought.
We shared a drink in a bar at the casino so we could get comfortable with each other. Bobbi is a great conversationalist, but I must admit it was hard to look past those incredible breasts and focus on the conversation, not to mention the excitement of thinking of what pleasures I would soon be forcing her body to give me. After a bit, we then headed upstairs to my suite.
Once in the room, I opened a bottle of champagne for Bobbi and we sat on the sofa so we could discuss some limits and safe words. I also had her show me the toys and bindings she had brought with her. It was now time for me to take charge.
VIP members can read below just how much charge I took, but for non-VIP's, let me just say that Bobbi is a TRUE SUB. She loves it. She can be a little fiesty and bratty at times, but I think that is just her way of trying to spur you on. If you want to share an incredible Dom experience with a real Sub, not just an actress, then Bobbi is the one for you.

The Juicy Details

I ordered Bobbi to stand while I removed the top of her dress, freed those incredible breasts from her bra, and applied the nipples clamps I had brought. A sweet moan of pleasure and pain escaped her lips as I tightened them and then gave them a shake. I forced her to knees, dropped my pants, and ordered her to lick the boys. Great tongue action there, but when she started to suck me without permission I yanked her head back by her hair and gave her face a slap to show her who was in charge. As I learned, Bobbi likes to have her face slapped. I pulled her up by her throat and gave her clamps a tug to remind her. I then thrust her back on her knees and shoved my bare cock in her mouth. She took my cock deep in her throat as I face fucked her, grabbing her hair and pinching her nose to cut off her breathing. Her gagging as I would pull her mouth off my cock would last only seconds before I again rammed my cock back in her throat. This went on for awhile as she twisted to get away and I forced her face on me. Having a better place to lose my load, I shoved her away when it got too much for me to control.
Again dragging her to a standing position by her throat, I took some wrist cuffs I had brought and bound her hands behind her back before removing the rest of her clothing. I forced her head down on the sofa and took the smaller butt plug she had brought, lubed it up, and rotated it until it was firmly entrenched in her ass. Ordering her not to let it out, I then spun her around for some more great DTBBBJ. As I again approached release, I pulled out of her mouth and took a larger plug she had brought, Bobbi removed the smaller one (a great gasp from her when it popped out), and inserted the larger one into her ass. Leaving it there, I offered her a drink of champagne to rest, and then got the large plug I had broght with me. Quite frankly I did not think I would be able to get it in her tight little ass, but with some extra lube, patience, and lots of cries of protestation from Bobbi, I got it all the way in. I again opted to have her suck my cock for awhile before flipping her face down on the sofa, removing the plug, putting on a condom, and lubing up my cock for a trip into her ass. Bobbi continued to try to wriggle away and cry out, but not hearing her safe word I plunged ahead. I had to grab her shackled hands and force them high up on her back to control her, but finally I was in. Continuing to hold her hands, I grabbed her hair and pounded away as she screamed into the sofa her face was forced against.
I came this way, and then offered her some more champagne to relax and rest a bit before the true fun started.
Leading her to the bedroom, I tied Bobbi spread eagle on the bed with an under-the-bed restraint and then frog tied her thighs with some rope to limit her movement. Taking the pussy pump I had brought, I pumped up her lips while she squeeled in delight, then examined its effect. So fat and swollen. I took a minute to DATY her swollen, shaved pussy just to tease her, then got up to prepare my next treat for her. Applying a blindfold so she could not see, I lightly teased Bobbi's body with a brush to make her sensitive all over, before taking some ice and rubbing it on her nipples and then inserting into her. Her moans and squirms were exquisite, but I knew there was more to come.
After again offering Bobbi the opportunity to rest with a sip of champagne that I held to her lips, I ordered her to again suck my cock. Pulling away, I took the wand I had brought and placed it against her clit to give her a taste of the pleasures to come. I laid the wand between her legs and got out the electric nipple shocks I had brought. Applying the clamps to her nipples, she had no idea what they were for, so the jolt I sent to her nipples caused her to scream and writhe against the bindings. I then took the wand and applied it full force against her clit, ordering her not to come. After teasing her with this for awhile, I took a glass dildo I had brought for her and had been heating in hot water. Twisting that into her vagina, I then began to fuck her pussy with the glass dildo while I again turned on the wand and pressed it against her clit. As she squirmed and twisted against the bindings, I had to hold her down to do my work until she erupted in a thunderous orgasm. After letting her catch her breath, I slowly removed her bindings, covered up, and fucked her mish while she pushed up against me.
By now, our time had gone way beyond the agreed 4 hours, but Bobbi and I chatted for a bit before we dressed and I walked her to her car in the hotel parking lot. As an additional tip, I gave her all the toys I had brought, so her stockpile is even greater now.
Come on guys, we have all watched those videos and thought how hot it would be to tease and to torture a woman into an orgasm. I have never been into causing pain and prefer a GFE experience, but for a once in a lifetime experience, I highly recommend it. Not sure if I will ever repeat the experience myself as it was more of a bucket list thing, but I can say that it was incredible. If you do decide to give it a whirl, whirl with Bobbi. She was not providing a service, she really enjoys being a sub. It is worth a trip to Vegas just to play with Bobbi and her (and my) toys.
Thank you Bobbi for an amazing experience!!!!! If I ever do this again, it will be with you.