9 - Model material
10 - One in a lifetime

general details

Made arrangements to meet via email, she was quick to respond and her verification was easy to use. She is knockout and loves to play hard. Very submissive with a super bratty side as well. She kept in contact via text letting me know of her arrival, we met at the front doors of the hotel. She dressed very nice, short long sleeved dress, high heels. Carrying a bag of goodies.

The Juicy Details

We walked through the casino to the elevator, very sexy with several others taking notice. Once in the room she emptied out her bag, butt plug, ropes, nipple clamps, blind fold and other items. We had discussed a rape scene. I grabbed her by the hair forcing her to her knees and began forcing my cock in her mouth, she fought, and gagged as my cock penetrated her throat. Off came her clothes revealing her very nice breasts, super hot body and tattoos. She can be very whiny which is quite fun. She fights, bucks, squirms to get away. I threw her on the bed with her head hanging over and began fucking her mouth and throat. I had to continually pin her arms and body down as she struggled to get away. I continued fucking her face as she gagged and spit. She continues to make great whining sounds fighting back.
After several minutes of fucking her face, I took her rope and tied each tit VERY tight, she complained if I popped the implants I was buying her new bigger ones! After tightly tying them up. I slapped them a bit. When she would complain or resist a few good slaps across the face brought her back to attention!! She seems to like having her face slapped.
Throwing her on the bed, I held her legs open slapping her shaved pussy, to her many cries and protests. Grabbing her by the hair or throat proved to the easiest way to maneuver her into various positions of more face fucking and gagging. Now I wanted her pussy and ass and covered up, first in her pussy from behind, pulling her hair and choking her. Then onto her back with more tits slapping and choking. It was now time to fuck her ass. Her cries of no, no, no made the experience all the more fun. She has a very nice tight ass, fucking her through the cries and protest was a fun experience.
Taking a break we chatted a bit, and then I grabbed her hair forcing her on my cock while on my back, pushing her head down while she gagged and spit. I pulled her ass and pussy to my face and began licking her tasting pussy while she deep throated. I wanted more of her pussy and ass so covered up again and fucked her more even as she protested with her cries and fighting. I pulled off the cover and tossed her to her back with her head hanging over the edge and went back to face fucking her. I put the boys in mouth and she lick and sucked, I slapped her pussy telling her to do a better job. She then reaches her tongue to my ass and began a good rim job. All the while slapping her pussy and tits as she squirmed and tried to get away. I continued slapping her pussy while she worked my ass tonguing it deep.
Bobbi is great fun and loves ROUGH sex, being tied up, slapped and is just an overall super fun girl to play with. I would recommend her highly.