9 - Model material
10 - One in a lifetime

general details

Contacted her via her website and arranged to meet for 3 hours S&M session at a nice upscale hotel. She looked even better than her pics: very pretty face and a smokin' hot body built for sex. We chatted and I felt very comfortable with her, even though this was my introduction into BDSM. Warm, articulate, friendly and unpretentious, she more than exceeded my expectations. She giggled shyly as she displayed her toys on the bed, showing me how to use them properly. Having previously seen these toys only in online videos, I was filled with excitement as I inspected them, my head swimming with all sorts of ideas on what I was going to do with/to her. In the end, Bobbi delivered one of the absolute best erotic experiences I've ever had.

The Juicy Details

I ordered her to take off her top and bra and offer her breasts. They were beautiful and amazing to play with. Then I told her to get on her hands and knees and stick her ass high up in the air, similar to my favorite picture on her website. I pulled her panties aside and DATY to my heart's content. She tasted sooooo delicious. She wiggled her ass in response, and her breathing and moaning became heavier and louder. I tied her hands behind her back with some rope, blindfolded her, and proceeded to go through her toys one by one. She resisted and moved away every now and then, only to be pushed back and pinned down again. I'm rock-hard by now. I applied a couple of toys on her simultaneously for a double penetration. She protested loudly but I kept her in position and shoved myself deep in her mouth. I pressed myself as hard as I could down her throat, gagging her repeatedly, but she endured. I'm new to rough sex, but Bobbi's submissive attitude and incredible sexual vibe only encouraged me more. It's intoxicating when you're expanding boundaries for the first time and your partner is on the same wave-length. What a find, she's gonna be a serious habit, I thought to myself. I tried several positions with her but doggy style was the best, offering up a memorable view of her ass. I'm usually a one-shot guy these days, but Bobbi got me to pop twice. Sex with her was truly mind-blowing, and her personality and demeanor was real laid-back and easy-going. I'd recommend Bobbi in a heartbeat. She's a lover/mistress/courtesan of the highest caliber.