10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
let's have a great time

general details

How do I describe this encounter? Hmmmmmmmmmm, a few adjectives come to mind.
Rauchy! MAYHEM! Whiskey in a tea cup, lightening in a bottle, out of control, a real sweet heart, yeah how do you countradict yourself in the same sentence? It’s easy with Bobbi, before I get ahead of myself, screening was simple, we set up a meeting well in advance, and had a little bit of banter prior to THE “encounter”, I will state that Bobbi is exteremely generous with her time, granted it helps if you treat it as a civilian date
, her pictures do not accurately portry her, actually is much softer in person, in my opinion needs another photographer just does not portray her, she’s incredible in person, quite charming, quite the enchantress, I will state this YES will see her again, now on to the juicy details

The Juicy Details

i've never rated someone this high, however well deserved!

Bobbi is a sweetheart, there was great conversation, however the action was off the charts, I would describe this encounter as more than a mere roll in the hay, she had on a wonderful ensemble, that was not on for long, after a cocktail she truly loosen up, everything you could ask for and a little bit more, from bbbj taken way deep, daty, multiple positions, rimming, trips to Greece, we truly enjoyed each other, the great thing about this there was not any sort of clock watching, we’d tease each other with kisses all over, we’d stop enjoy a beverage, watch some porn, and then go at it again, many intermissions in between, absolutely no rush atmosphere, multiple pops, if you can keep up, are available! I can see why she is rated so highly in Vegas, a ball of fire,

This encounter felt more like a civilian date with a NASTY surprise, most of the time with a civilian you have no idea if the dirty deed will be might I say FLAT or would it be off the chart, this was off the chart, although her web site might imply a bdsm scene which I am not into, it was just wild raunchy sex, mutual masturbation, multiple blow jobs, sweaty hard sex, teasing, dirty talk, trip to the isles, great substance, charming personality what more could you ask for!