10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
High Energy
To Totally Please

general details

I had seen Bobbi's sexy ads and was always intrigued by her. I finally took the plunge and decided to see her. Contact and appointment set up was a breeze with her. Bobbi really does have a playful demeanor and this was demonstrated by a few days of playful banter back and forth via text and email. This to me, always adds a level of anticipation that I enjoy. Communication was excellent throughout the entire process.

Even though Bobbi ran into a problem that was really no fault of hers and ended up being close to an hour late. It really wasn't a huge issue for me and she was just so apologetic about it. However, once she arrived she more than made up for for it. When I heard the knock on the door and got up to open it... WOW... VIP's here's what happened...

The Juicy Details

She came in and seemed visibly upset because of being late, maybe thinking I was going to be upset because she was late. I gave her a nice big reassuring warm hug and whispered in her ear that she looked so sexy and smelled great. This immediately put her at ease. I mean this girl was a fucking knockout (please excuse my language). How could I be upset? You see the pictures, read the reviews, and there she is right in front of you in the flesh. She was magnificent looking!

She hops (no pun intended) over to the sofa with me and we both get comfortable. She starts talking about a lot of things and to tell you the truth, I wasn't listening as attentively as I usually do. Reason being, because my eyes are gazing over her entire body. Her full lips, gorgeous breasts, hair, sexy tattoos and so on and so on. My mind was actually racing faster than she was talking.

I was still comprehending a significant portion of what she was saying and she really is a great conversationalist. As good a conversationalist as she is... her looks and her body were getting the bulk of my attention. Okay, so after about 15-minutes I started to gradually come down from this euphoric high and listen better. I then started to gently glide my fingertips across her thigh and the top of her forearm in long innocuous strokes.

The conversation had now changed to what Bobbi had in her bag. Which was some ultra sexy lingerie she showed me. I wisely chose the leopard thong. She went in for the change and prep routine and then came out walking down the hall towards me. Wow... what a sight. I will stop here, because I don't feel words could describe or convey the feeling well enough.

We eventually (yay) finally made it to the bedroom. We wrap our arms around each other and start with DFK. This woman can kiss... and I mean... this woman can kiss. Look, I know what you're thinking, all women can kiss and yes they can. But she does it differently. I even commented on this to her. I'm going to try my best and describe it. There was a wetness to it that was just right and her tongue goes really deep into your mouth and it seems to linger there. It was almost... no not almost... it was magical. That really is the best I can do to explain it. It was simply magnificent. Truth be told, I could have done that the entire session and would have been happy. Yeah... it really was that good.

From there, an outstanding BBBJ ensued. Here again, Bobbi does it differently just like her kissing. It's going to be hard to describe, but I will try, as have other reviewers who have commented on her oral skills. It's an aggressive, suction sounding, twisting, deep, lots of eye contact, spit strings type of blow job, all in a very very good way. I had to have her stop or I was going to pop. It just felt amazing. I will tell you, I was seriously thinking of just having her finish me instead of stopping because it felt so good. However, I wanted to stay hard for more activities, so I opted for her to stop.

We then moved on to DATY and it was oh so sweet and wonderful. Bobbi makes a soft sexy and cooing type of noise I've never heard before that is just an ultra turn on. I swear the sound of her added an extra inch in length to my already swollen cock (too bad it wasn't permanent - lol). We then go to Doggy, MISH (OMG - what a sight with her legs spread), Russian and more. After being able to take it no more, I pop all all over those big beautiful tits. It was truly exhilarating.

Bobbi stayed way over our allotted time because she felt bad about being late. We finished with talking about tons of different things and I really enjoyed our conversation. I will go on to say that she is a wonderful sexy lady and a sweetheart as well. I don't see how anyone could go wrong with making the decision to see her. She has a unique and very inviting appeal. I'm so glad I saw her and would definitely repeat.