10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
Amazing. Couldn't ask for more!
Relaxed, felt like I was with a friend!

general details you've seen with the other reviews, Bobbi is a knockout. I took their advice and set up some fun time for the two of us on our own. Let me tell you, she delivers as promised, and actually went above and beyond.

The sessions was definitely not a rush, and I think we even lost track of time. Guys, she's definitely worth giving a tip to, so bring a little extra cash (as mentioned before)

There's no way an hour is even remotely close to being enough time with her. I suggest going for at least 2 hours if you won't be disappointed.

The Juicy Details

Bobbi is a true sub, and the type of session she enjoys tends to be those that involve BDSM. Ok, the details...

Bobbi texted while she was on her way, if she could grab some wine on her way up. I said no problem...and when I opened the door, I found a stunning girl, with a hot little teal onesie deal with a 'see thru' bra and some killer heels, holding a wine glass.

When she got in we talked for a bit, got to know one another, and I let her drink her wine.

As she was nearing the end of her glass, I started getting her undressed so I could see the goods.

As promised, she's fit, has perfect tits, and a shaved pussy.

As mentioned she has a super tight ass, and she brought a new glass toy for me to try on her. Let me just say, it was fucking tight and hard enough to get even the tip of it in there. But once I had it the slightest bit in...just touching it a bit got her squealing and moaning. She wanted me to leave it in...but I had other things I wanted to do to her. I pulled it out and she had the loudest squeal out of her.

Since I am very much into BDSM, and I contacted her about a BDSM session, I got her onto the bed and began tying her up. Of course, she resisted a little but that's ok, I made sure she couldn't move from how I wanted her positioned. Her arms were spread wide. And her legs were in a frog tie held open wide to keep her pussy on display for me.

I brought out some clothespins and she cringed a bit. But I Put a few on each nipple and a handful on her pussy...including her clit. She didn't seem to mind them at all when I first got them on. But, as she began to feel them...I flicked them, pulled on them and had fun watching her squirm. Good thing she was tied down, otherwise I think I might have gotten a little slap out of her (yeah...she can be bratty at times).

As the tension was building, I began to remove at a time. At one point she thought they were all gone, but there were actually a couple more and thats when I took my time removing the last couple of them. She squirmed and squealed as I took them off, and it was tons of fun to watch.

Well, since she was such a trooper with the clothespins I brought out my hitachi and began powering that up on her clit. I don't know what she thought was worse...the clothespins, or the super vibration from the hitachi. She assured me that she had at least one forced orgasm from the hitachi.

By this time, I was getting horny and wanted to experience some of her other skills. We got in a 69 position so I could keep working on her pussy while got a great blowjob from her. I incorporated quite a bit of choking with her...and she took it as a champ. Keeping her head down on my cock. The blowjob was wonderful...but I really wanted to get my cock into both her ass and pussy. I got a cover on, and began with her ass...let me just say, it was fucking tight. It would take quite a while to get it to loosen up a bit. And as for her pussy...nice and couldn't ask for more.

Since I really enjoyed the bj from before, I decided to return to how we started. The cover came off and she kept sucking me, and I kept choking her. I don't know how long we went for...but it felt like ages. I held out cumming multiple times, and I actually had at least one or two orgasms before I finally let myself cum.

We hung around a bit and talked until it was (unfortunately) her time to go.

I had an amazing time, she had an amazing time, and she's the only provider I'll see from now on...HANDS DOWN. I can't wait until I make my way to Las Vegas again!