10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
Sexy and Sensual

general details

I had high expectations based on her reviews, and she totally blew me away! I visited Las Vegas on business, and decided to visit Bobbi because of her looks and reviews. I am certain that I could not have gotten luckier than this pick!

She was very easy to contact and schedule, and she playfully maintained contact prior to our date, heightening the anticipation. Once I arrived, I could not wait to see her! The wait was absolutely worth it! Bobbi is sexy, fun, beautiful, sexual, a little bit quirky, and unbelievably hot. I am already trying to come up with a reason for a return to Las Vegas....

The Juicy Details

I won't give you all the details, because quite frankly, I can't really remember it all. It's just kind of a blur of incredible, unbelievable, awesome sex! I said I had high expectations, and she blew me away, literally, and figuratively! Stop reading this and go see her!

When we finally met, we laid on the bed, and chatted a little bit as we got to know each other. Soon, she was laying on top of me, starting out with a little bit of LFK. She caressed my face, and said, Wow, we are going to have some fun! The she attacked me with her lips and tongue, and a moment later, our clothes went flying. She started out with an amazing BBBJ. I knew I was not going to hold up long against her skill, so I pushed her over and returned the favor. She got incredibly wet and thrashed around, then pushed me back and begged me to fuck her! She sexily slipped a hat on me, then mounted me and started out with CG. After that was just a blur of intense pleasure for the next two hours!

It was so awesome, that I actually changed my flight back home so that I could fit in another visit with Bobbi. Seriously. I changed my flight. To see her again. Go.