10 - One in a lifetime
10 - One in a lifetime
Coolest. Person. Ever.

general details

I have to say, I may have met the coolest, most interesting and most fun provider in the history or the world and her name is Bobbi Bunny.

Set up an appointment with Double B over the course of a few days. She was really good about working around my schedule. I let her know where I was staying and she came to my place. Non-VIPs you want to see Bobbi once in your life, she's the amazing. VIP's read on.

The Juicy Details

Bobbi and I had already had some playful banter the past few days setting up the appointment. She's very god about working around your schedule and very playful if you aren't a robot. Still, we engaged in conversation for a while and the girl is fun as hell to talk to.

The previous reviews about Bobbi indicate that she's a submissive girl you can just rail for hours on end anyway you want and she enjoys that. It may be true, but I found that she's much more than a rag doll. She's an actual person and an amazing one at that. In any case, after our conversation I told her to go into the bathroom and come out with nothing on. She laughed and did so.

We started with a BBBJ and we did that in multiple positions for a good while. Bobbi is top notch in this category and if awards were given for quality, I would bestow upon her the highest honor. I always enjoy face fucking and Bobbi was kind enough to let me indulge that for a bit as well. After a while of this I told her that it was time to learn some greek. I'll never forget my tour with Bobbi. Not only was it great but she may have said the funniest thing ever during the course of it. Our whole session was filled with laughs, so it only made sense for it to occur here as well.

After the greek session we did a bit more BBBJ, multiple positions including CG, Asian CG, RCG and Doggie. She assured me her pussy was as tight as her ass and she was correct. There is not a part of Bobbi Bunny that is not enjoyable.

I opted to finish on Bobbi's beautiful face. She stayed for a bit as we talked about many things. All in all Bobbi made me a fan for life and I'm glad to have met to her. I can only hope that I can see her as often as I'd like to. Vegas might have to become a more regular place for me to visit because of her epicness.